Trellis Club


The Trellis Club is North Gate Vineyard's wine club.  This club is meant for wine lovers who are interested in learning more about the details of North Gate's winegrowing and winemaking, and who would like to be a part of the North Gate community.

  Membership includes:

 - 4 quarterly wine selections - each including 3 bottles of wine chosen by the winemaker (a total of 12 bottles / year).  These wines can be swapped if you so choose.  

- 4 quarterly Trellis Club pick up parties, including tours and tastings with the winemaker at no charge

- 15% discount on Trellis Club pickups

- free tastings during visits

- invitations to Trellis Club events, as well as discounts to all North Gate events

If you are interested in joining the club or need to update your current information please click the link below