A great glass of wine starts right here in the vineyard. They say it’s easy to make a good wine from good grapes. It’s even easier to make a bad wine from good grapes. A top-notch winemaker can make a great wine from good grapes. However, it is impossible to make a great wine from bad grapes. That is why it is very important here at North Gate Vineyard to make sure the winemaking process gets off to a good start right here in the Vineyard. Please feel free to explore the information here about our grapes and our vineyard. We hope you find it useful and a testament to our dedication to growing quality winegrapes.

Vineyard Philosophy

We believe that to be a quality winegrower, you need to really be in tune with a few things (start zen music now!)

  1. Know your site: Know how it drains; are there any soggy spots? What kind of soil do you have? Are there any frost pockets or places that get colder (or hotter) than others? Does it get sun all day? How long does take for the morning sun to reach it? Which way do the winds usually blow? Know these things and more! It will direct your planting, when you harvest, how you spray, etc.
  2. Know your grapes: Every varietal is different. Heck, every vine in your vineyard is different. We are not saying you need to name each and every vine, but realize that often one size does not fit all. Understand how your grapes grow, the needs that they have, and apply that to your site! This will help you with pruning, fruit thinning, harvest time, etc.
  3. Be involved: In order for you to achieve #1 and #2 above, you need to be involved in your vineyard. You need to prune, you need to plant, you need to fruit thin, you need to walk the vineyard very regularly. We are not saying that you need to do it all yourself, we all need lots of help as we grow. However, allowing everyone else to do it all will not improve you as a winegrower.
  4. Be open minded: Be a student of your vineyard. Every winegrower has their own opinions, tricks, practices and beliefs. They often have no problems telling you this. This information is often quite helpful if you know how it applies to you. If you have worked hard at #1, #2 and #3, then you will be able to absorb lots of these ideas and concepts and make educated decisions on how they may be able to help you in your own vineyard.

These are things we firmly believe in, and they guide us in our quest to be the best winegrowers that we can be. Besides, if we weren’t involved in our vineyard, we wouldn’t be having as much fun as we do tending the vines!

Our Winegrapes

Here are the current varieties we have planted:

Varietal Clone Rootstock Date Planted # of Vines
Viognier 1 3309C 4/13/2002 50
Cabernet Sauvignon 7 3309C 4/13/2002 25
Petit Verdot 2 3309C 4/30/2006 1568
Viognier Alban 3309C/101-14 4/15/2008 1008
Cabernet Sauvignon 7 101-14 5/24/2012 25
Petit Manseng Horton 101-14 5/24/2012 1700