2011 Melange Mystere

2011 Melange Mystere

2011 Mélange Mystère

This “mysterious blend” was born out of an unfortunate mix up at the nursery.  When our Chardonnay growers ordered their new vines for their Malbec vineyard, several hundred Mourvèdre vines inadvertently made their way into their order, and eventually into their vineyard.  Of course it took 4 years to realize that not all of the vines were Malbec.  What to do?  Of course the nursery would replace the vines since it was their mistake.  In the mean time, the Mourvèdre was harvested separately from the Malbec, and found a home here at North Gate.  Since Mourvèdre typically would enjoy a longer growing season than what 2011 in Virginia was able to offer, the resulting wine is more subtle than a typical Mourvèdre.  We also blended an equal amount of Merlot into this wine.

A slightly herbaceous, almost Marjoram nose is complimented with a pleasant oak aroma, stemming from 18 months of aging in barrels.  The initial nose of ripe dark cherry turns into juicy, fresh currants on the palate.  With some earthiness and savory characters, and firm acidity on the finish, this wine is definitely a candidate for pairing with typically Pinot Noir friendly food.  Stuffed mushrooms, duck, and salmon come to mind, or possibly chocolate mousse with raspberries.

Retail price: $17

Vineyards: Wild Meadow (Jack and Cindy Lowther), Fabiolli Cellars
Bottling Date: June 24, 2013
Release Date: February 7, 2014
Alcohol Content: 12%
Case Count: 139